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Loikansaari - Holiday cottages and villas

"Summertime feelings… easy living…
raindrops and showers… bright summer flowers… fresh forest air… handcrafts and fairs… bright summer nights … natural light… islands in morning haze....

The best summer days!

Loikansaari is a small and idyllic holiday location in the countryside, at the heart of the Savonlinna archipelago. You can enjoy authentic Finnish cottage life and witness the different seasons by the lakeside in Saimaa. The country-style cottages and high-quality villas are located on the estate of the Loikansaari Manor, which has a long history as one of the oldest residences in the area.

This, and the island life, bring their own colour to a holiday in Loikansaari. You can enjoy the traditional rural scenery, refresh yourself in nature and discover the soul of Saimaa. In Loikansaari, you can easily combine cottage life, boating and the services provided by a culture city. The distance to Savonlinna is 16 km along the road, and 10 km on the water.

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Loikansaaren Lomamökit
Loikansaarentie 430
58810 Kallislahti Savonlinna
+358 44 0640116

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